September 12, 2023

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By Jakob Örneberg

This latest update is something that can build great value for B2B account managers.

Updated feature: Organizational charts
Technical level: Easy

Organizational charts! This latest update is something that can create great value for B2B account managers and perhaps advisors working with families and family trees.

With this update, you can drag and drop your contacts within an account to structure and represent the organization.

This could be beneficial for:

Finding your decision-makers
Avoiding meetings where the client says “we need to talk with Mr. or Mrs. X to make a decision”. With this feature, visualizing your client’s organization and pinpointing decision-makers becomes effortless. It will be easier to ensure that all decision-makers are present in the final meeting when the deal can be closed.

Cross-selling opportunities
If you know your client it becomes easier to present the right offer to the right person. Maybe you sell sustainability products and needs to talk to sustainability manager, or you have marketing offers to present to the marketing manager. If your sales model includes more than one account manager per account, organizational charts will make it smoother to collaborate.

Never rely on only one contact
A common mistake in sales is having only one good contact with your client’s organization. That is risky! One day your good friend may be gone, and you’ll have to start everything all over again. If you work with a broader range of contacts within your clients’ organizations, organizational charts could be the key to your success.

How do I do it? 

  1. Start with enabling your smart org chart.

2. Make sure you have some contacts at your account

3. Just drag and drop and organize your contacts at your account.

One alternative way to use organizational charts.

While organizational charts are typically thought of in a corporate context, their utility extends further with some creativity.  If you are a financial advisor, a lawyer or in a position where family relations are important – org charts could offer another solution. Maybe you need to build relationships with all family members, and in sensitive conversations, it will be a relief to know who is who.

Account name: Anderson Family

Contacts: Family members.

Remember, you can only have one contact on top, like the CEO, and it is difficult to draw too complex family situations. I hope Microsoft considers this enhancement in future development.

More features to consider

Relationship analytics

If you have Sales Premium license and use Relationship Analytics, an interesting additional function is the ability to see the relationship status with your contacts in the organizational chart. The Relationship Analytics rate your relationship with Charles Harris as good; the green circle is almost full.

Have your organization tried Relationship analytics?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can be alerted when a contact leaves the account. In the org chart, the contact will be indicated in red.

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