February 19, 2024

Portrait of Jakob Örneberg

By Jakob Örneberg

Record your Teams meetings and analyze the transcription.

Finally! Conversation Intelligence is now available in Sales Copilot!

I’ve had the opportunity to explore Conversation Intelligence feature within Sales Copilot, and I will share some insights.

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation Intelligence records Microsoft Teams meetings and perform actions after the call:

  • Transcribes the call
  • Analyzes the call
  • Summarizes the meeting and produces recommendations or actions

How to do it:

  1. To activate Conversation Intelligence in Sales Copilot, you’ll need one of the following licenses: Sales Enterprise, Sales Premium or Copilot for Sales. With one of these licenses, you can access “Standard Copilot Experiences in Teams”.

2. In the Teams Admin Center, enable transcriptions and recordings. Due to some trial and error, I enabled Meeting recording, Transcriptions in Copilot. After that, it worked.

3. When scheduling a meeting, ensure to enable the options for automatic recordings and “With transcriptions” in Copilot. This settings necessitates participants’ consent to recording upon joining the meeting, which I find to be practical approach for maintaining transparency and compliance.

4. Enjoy the meeting, and once it concludes, the real excitement begins!

After the meeting, you’ll receive an overview that look like the print screen below. On the right side of the screen (1),  the entire transcription of the meeting is available for review. To the left (2)(3) you will find two sections: Highlights and Follow-Ups, which are derived from the meeting’s content. Notice that you are able to create a task from the follow ups. Additionally, the overview displays a timeline (4) of speaker participation, with colors indicating the sentiment of the speech. Is it positive, negative, or neutral?

You will also receive an analysis of keywords and other areas that Copilot finds interesting, such as people or times mentioned.

Lastly, you will receive some basic statistics about the call, such as the ratio of speaking to listening and how long the participants spoke. I my case, I realized that I did not allow my potential clients, Marco and Emma, to speak enough – the only had monologues of 5 and 7 seconds.


Conversation Intelligence is cool! I think there are three main areas where Conversation Intelligence is particularly beneficial:

  • Self improvement:  Sellers can review their performance to understand the outcomes of their meetings. It’s easier to share best practice within an organization with Conversation Intelligence.
  • Assistance. A sales meeting could be really stressful! Post-meeting, the full transcript and summery recommendations aid stress reduction and enhance both customer journey and relationship.
  • High-level analysis: Enables management to monitor sales dialogues, track call metrics, competitor mentions, and identifying top-performing sales people, providing valuable insights for decision making.



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