September 28, 2023

Portrait of Jakob Örneberg

By Jakob Örneberg

Try the magic and let emails be answered automatically!

Dynamics Sales is for sellers working with building strong relationship with customers. Copilot’s Suggested email feature can help sellers with two things: compose well written emails and save time!

Microsoft has invested a lot (a lot!) in ChatGPT and AI – and now the time has come to actually try it in Dynamics Sales. Many of the AI features are collected under the umbrella called Microsoft Copilot – and an easy way to explain it to think of it as someone that can help you speed up repetitive tasks, come up with creative ideas or analyze the data in your CRM. You might be wondering, “How is this possible?” Let me show you.

I pretended to be a client emailing an Account Manager after a meeting:


Thanks for the meeting yesterday! I have some follow up questions: 

  • How much was the price for the products you showed? Can you send pricelist
  • How does your support organization look like? If I need help – does it cost?
  • Can you demo the product to our sales organization as well? 

Best Regards, Jakob

How could Copilot help me with answering this email? Follow this steps if you want to find out.

Step 1:

  • You need Outlook and sync to Outlook exchange
  • You need Sales Enterprise or Sales Premium license.
  • You also need to Copilot add-in installed



Step 2: On a recieved email, open Copilot.


Step 3: A tip is to pin Copilot


Step 4: Let the magic  begin: click on one of the prompts – I chose Reply to an inquiry. After you have receive the answer, you can give feedback and the proposal will be adjusted. Watch the gif below.

To sum up, Copilot answer the email to me with the following text:

Dear Jakob,

Thank you for expressing interest in our software. We are pleased to do business with JÖ AB and are grateful for your enthusiasm for our product.

We would be delighted to arrange a meeting or a call to discuss the details of our product and to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we would be willing to discuss pricing and implementation time, and offer you a 20% discount.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing the conversation.

Best regards


  • This email feature is really helpful if you are an Account Manager emailing a lot with clients. If you have difficulties with composing long well-written emails, it will also be helpful in that case.
  • Copilot is a time-saver and can help organizations with the common feedback from Account Managers: “it is too much admin, I want to spend more time with my customers.”
  • In this early version, Suggested emails in Sales Copilot is available in the following languages: English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Copilot is included in Dynamics Sales Enterprise and Premium license.
  • For those using Salesforce CRM, you will be pleased to know that Copilot integrates on that platform as well.
  • Of course there will be an easy way to track the email to Dynamics, just click at Dynamics 365 in Copilot.

Have you tried it? What is your experience?

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